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A decent set of sunglasses is an essential part of any mountain biker’s wardrobe, for a number of reasons.Oakley Sale.The most obvious is protection from bright sunlight to give you a clear view down the trail, with less glare, less squinting and less damage to your eyes from harmful UV rays. They also provide physical protection from flying trail debris, whether this be roost from your riding mate’s back wheel, spray from the endless ‘summer’ puddles, flies, or errant tree branches.Discount Oakley.Obviously, the larger the lens, the more coverage it will offer against these dangers, but it’s also important that they wrap around to give some side protection, cut out light from entering there, and prevent wind from making your eyes tear up.


Of course, that coverage needs to be balanced with how they fit on your face — if the lens or frame contacts you, then it means they’ll fog up more easily and it can also be uncomfortable or make the glasses move around on your face.Make sure they integrate well with your chosen helmet and don’t dig into your head or create other pressure points.Oakley Sunglasses For Men.Many riding glasses use a half-frame design, where the lens is only partially attached to the frame, This allows a greater and less obstructed field of vision, but it does mean that the lens is more exposed to damage when not being worn.Depending on your facial features and head size, different frames might work better for some people than others.Oakley Sunglasses Outlet.Although we try to point out which glasses work well for different people, it’s hard to beat trying them on. Make sure they integrate well with your chosen helmet and don’t dig into your head or create other pressure points. Whatever anyone might claim, looks are also important, but that’s very much a personal choice and often there will be a selection of frame colours on offer for a model.


More expensive glasses tend to have more features, such as easily interchangeable lenses plus adjustable fit of the noise piece and arms. The quality and clarity of the lenses will go up with price too.Oakley Sunglasses Sale.A better lens will distort your vision less, giving better vision and also preventing eye strain. Many high-end glasses now have light sensitive photochromic lenses, which have a special coating that reacts to light.Cheap Oakleys.This means you can use a single lens for very bright days as well as more overcast ones, but even the best can take a bit of time to react and cheaper ones can take a long time indeed.

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